It's A Beautiful Day (IABD) was founded mid-1967 in the San Francisco, California Bay Area.  The original lineup featured David LaFlamme (vocals-violin), Patti Santos (vocals), Val Fuentes (drums), Linda LaFlamme (David's first wife--keyboards), Hal Wagenet (guitar), and Mitchell Holman (bass).  

The band, opened for such well known acts as The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and The Holding Company (Janis Joplin's band), and performed at Cream's farewell appearance.  

In 1969, the group released the self-titled album, It's A Beautiful Day, and enjoyed their greatest success with the song White Bird.

Although the group released other material, disputes with management, end of the 1960's music-social phenomenon, and tragic death of Patti Santos, caused the group to pretty much go into hiatus.  However David and Linda LaFlamme (David's second wife, also named Linda), along with original drummer Val Fuentes are again doing select performances, keeping alive a small piece of the San Francisco music sound of the late 1960's.  

In 2000 a new CD, Workin' The Gold Mine, was released under David and Linda LaFlamme's name.  These artists deserve your support, so check it out today!

On August 6, 2000 I  was fortunate to take in a performance by It's A Beautiful Day, which included outstanding work by David & Linda LaFlamme, drummer Val Fuentes and other accompanying band members.  

When the band launched into the hauntingly beautiful White Bird, the appreciative audience was in pure ecstasy.

Here are a few photographic memories from the performance.  Thanks David, Linda, and Val for the great performance and continuing to play on into the new millenium!


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IBD2000DavidFiddling.JPG (71158 bytes) IBD2000DavidLinda.JPG (69176 bytes) IBD2000DavidSinging.JPG (68196 bytes)
David LaFlamme enthusiastically playing his violin, while original It's A Beautiful Day drummer Val Fuentes practices his craft. David and Linda LaFlamme give a rousing performance August 6, 2000, in Springfield, Virginia. Not only is David an accomplished violinist, but great vocalist as well.
IBD2000DavidAutoSigning.JPG (60970 bytes) IBD2000DavidLindaVal.JPG (83673 bytes) IBD2000DavidVal.JPG (75205 bytes)
David after the show signing autographs for appreciative fans.  Thanks David! Linda and David LaFlamme, along with drummer Val Fuentes.

David fiddles away!

IBD2000TobyGray.JPG (68254 bytes) IBD2000JayNedryJaxxOwner.JPG (23579 bytes)
IBD2000CDCoverFrontAuto.JPG (77383 bytes) IBD2000CDCoverBackAuto.JPG (65267 bytes)
Bass player Toby Gray plays the harmonica, with Linda on tambourine, Val Fuentes handling drums, and David on violin.


Jay Nedry, owner, Jaxx, Springfield, Virginia.  

Jay is to be thanked for bringing great acts like It's A Beautiful Day to his venue.
Self-titled album It's A Beautiful Day, signed by David-Linda LaFlamme, and Val Fuentes.  

David LaFlamme said the idea for the artwork was via works by famed artist Maxfield Parrish (visit this MP site and take note of the work titled 'Ecstasy').  

In my opinion, it is one of the loveliest album covers ever produced, as well as representative of the late 1960's time period. 


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Pierre, who looks like Jerry Garcia reincarnated,  
is a huge IABD fan, and motivated me to finish this web page.  
Check out his art work, as it is quite beautiful

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