Thank You Ronnie Dawson
Gone But Never Forgotten!!!!!

Ronnie Dawson departed for Rockabilly Heaven
on September 30, 2003

Welcome Rockabilly fans!  You are looking at a true legend--"The Blonde Bomber," "The Waxahache Wildman"
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Mr. Ronnie Dawson!!

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Ronnie and me, Johnstown, PA Labor Day 2000.  

Dig the Ronnie Dawson tee-shirt.
Ronnie and band, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Labor Day 2000 Folk Fest.  

These two young cuties were shim sham shimmying away!

California Based DJ Big Myke Destiny (originally from Johnstown, PA), in town for Ronnie's performance.  
Mike often played Ronnie's music on his Internet broadcast radio program.  He is now involved in other ventures, but you can be sure they will include Ronnie's music.
Ronnie's Challenge.  Ronnie is battling a form of cancer.  More details at his official website.  Say a prayer for Ronnie!

I've had the good fortune to see Ronnie when he cut his Live At The Continental Club CD in Austin, Texas, and more recently at The Johnstown Folkfest in Pennsylvania.
Speaking of Ronnie's September 2, 2000 performance at the Johnstown FolkFest, it was vintage Ronnie Dawson, meaning a high energy fun time. 

In fact, Disc Jockey Big Myke Destiny, originally from Johnstown but now out in Los Altos, California spinning tunes commented that Johnstown had never seen the likes of a Ronnie Dawson performance. 

I heartily agree! 

So sit back and take a trip down memory lane with some dynamite pics from the Johnstown FolkFest, and signed memorabilia.  Be sure and visit the official Ronnie Dawson web site and purchase a CD or other goodies while there to support Ronnie and keep Rockabilly alive!

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Ronnie, burning up his guitar at Johnstown, PA Ronnie Dawson and band Labor Day 2000! Ronnie and bass player in great form at Johnstown 2000 Labor Day Folk Fest.

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Ronnie Dawson publicity shot inscribed "To Jim, Thanks So Much!"  Johnstown, Pennsylvania Labor Day 2002


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