The Birchmere Music Hall is a Washington, D.C. area live music institution, and The Ventures did it proud by performing March 7, 1998, and again on March 15, 2006.

First up, we have the March 15, 2006 show.  The lineup included Don Wilson (rhythm guitar); Nokie Edwards (lead guitar/bass); Bob Spalding (bass/lead guitar); Leon Taylor (drums).

The group had a great turnout, and many hard core fans showed up early to grab the best seats.

Don Wilson remains a driving force behind The Ventures, and produced some very nice guitar licks. 

Nokie Edwards blew everyone away with his finesse and ability.

Bob Spalding was super on the bass and played lead guitar on a couple of numbers.

Leon Taylor was just outstanding on drums.  A great job on Caravan, and Wipeout!

Jack DeFranco, who helped organize the memorable Surfin' To Baja 2003 cruise, was handling Tour-Stage Manager duties, and did a great job.  Jack loves The Ventures, and goes beyond the call of duty when involved with them.

Other notables that accompanied The Ventures, were Fiona Taylor, wife of late Drummer Mel Taylor; Judy Edwards, wife of Nokie Edwards; and Leon Taylor's wife. 

I was fortunate to have a front row seat, and sat by a fan and his two young sons that all play guitar.  A highlight for the boys was when they received a guitar pick, set list, and two drumsticks (one for each boy).  I think the dad was more thrilled than the boys!

Afterwards, the group spent well over an hour signing CD's, T-shirts, guitars, surfboard signs, photos, and having fan photos made.  The fans of course loved this!

It was great to have The Ventures back!

Here are photos from the event.

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The Ventures Performing Ventures Fans

The Ventures performed at The Birchmere, March 7, 1998 to a sold out crowd. 

The group had been in town to perform a major 'Guest Artist Series' event with The U.S. Air Force Band at DAR Hall.

The Birchmere performance lineup included Don Wilson (rhythm guitar); Bob Bogle (bass/lead guitar); Gerry McGee (lead guitar/bass); Leon Taylor (drums).

The audience loved the performance and mingling with the group after the show.

Leon Taylor was nice to give me a drumstick used during the show, which I had the group sign.

Bob Bogle 
Bob Bogle & Gerry McGee
"Cool" Don Wilson 
Gerry McGee
Leon Taylor, son of former Venture's drummer Mel Taylor is doing his dad proud.  Here, solo, and with Bob and Gerry.


The guys were just great about signing autographs and mingling with the crowd.
In fact, Leon Taylor is shown signing the drumstick he used for the performance--and gave to me.
Thanks Leon!!
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