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Dick Dale Rocks Out
At The Birchmere!

A packed house greeted Dick Dale at his blowout May 26, 2004 Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia performance.  Dick has become an annual fixture at the venue.

Dick was accompanied by surf drummer great Dusty Watson, and dynamite bass player Sam Bolle.

It was great to see Dick again.  He had featured my website on his home page at www.dickdale.com, as seems he was blown away by my Dick Dale Virtual Museum.

Thanks Dick---Way Cool!!







Here is a multiple shot view of drummer Dusty Watson's drumstick, used during Dick Dale's May 26, 2004 Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia performance.  Amazingly, Dick was borrowing this drumstick to do his guitar percussion segment, it slipped out of his hand and literally landed in front of me (I had a front row seat).  Later, Dusty and bass player Sam Bolle (who also do duty for well regarded California surf band Slacktone) signed it.  I got Dick and son Jimmy's signatures at the June 3, 2004 First World Guitar Congress.  From what I hear it is not easy to get Dusty to part with his drumsticks, so this is a real treasure, and definitely will go in the vaults of The Dick Dale Virtual Museum.