Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale Plays The Ramshead Live!


Dick Dale, The King of Surf Guitar, was in great form at his May 26, 2006 performance at Baltimore's Ramshead Live.

Los Straitjackets opened for Dick, and as usual, put on the best of the best instrumental performance one could want. 

This was a new tour stop for him, and word must have gotten out, as the spacious 1600 person venue enjoyed a robust crowd. 

Dick Dale blew the audience away, shredding like no one else can for a solid two hours!

Bass guitar Sam Bolle and drummer Daxx Neilsen were really 'on' and obviously enjoying themselves.  After the show, Sam said they really liked playing at this venue, which has a nice stage, and great acoustics.  Daxx commented that he was using a new drum set. 

As has been the case at other shows, fans commented how much they were moved by Dick's closing number, a tribute to America's military veterans, and those serving our country. 

After the show, fans lined up to say hello to Dick and get CD's, publicity photos, and other stuff signed.  Thanks to Dick for signing my surfer theme banner flags, 2002 Tour Spacial Disorientation t-shirt, and ticket stub.   

A great time was had by all, and Ramshead Live patrons hope to see Dick back in 2007!