Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale Plays

The Rams Head Tavern!

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Dick Dale, The King of Surf Guitar, put on a blowout May 19, 2002 performance, before a packed house at Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, Maryland!


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Dick warming up on Beast for some 'shredding' action! Dick singing, while appreciative audience looks on. Dick, bass player 'Captain' Ron Eglit, drummer Dusty Watson, and road manager Mike.  Dick thanks the audience at show's end.
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Dick does electric! Dick does acoustic! Dick does trumpet! Dick does drums!

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Dick and Ron Eglit.

Here is Dick's guitar, which he calls "Beast."  It is placed up against speaker cabinets produced by Mike Thompson.

Ron Eglit giving the OK sign! Dick and Ron Eglit.
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Dick doing some finger picking on Beast. A very classic Dick Dale shot. Drummer Dusty Watson looks on as Dick winces in trying to hit just that right note.

Dick backed up by Dusty.

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Dick and Ron put on a great acoustic guitar 'clinic.' Dick doing some acoustic guitar finger picking. Dick in meditation mode during his acoustic set. A Rams Head employee with Dick Dale.

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And last but not least, your humble webmaster and big time Dick Dale fan with the main man.

This was the 5th straight year I have seen him perform, and I am already hoping for year number six!

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