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50 Years Of Surf Music
Surf music historian and musician John Blair http://johnblair.us/ has an outstanding read on the beginnings of 'Surf Music!' at Surf Guitar 101 http://surfguitar101.com/news/story/675/
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Also, a must read is John's The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music: 1961 - 1965  This book has a comprehensive listing of surf bands and select images. 
If you order direct from him, if asked, maybe he will be good enough to sign the book before shipping (he did so for me).
This book is a must have for all surf music fans, or anyone for that matter, and makes a great gift. Check out and order the book at:
Southern California Surf Music
John Blair, has another hot release cresting off the waves: "Southern California Surf Music, 1960-1966"  Check out this thread about it at SG101 http://surfguitar101.com/forums/topic/25551/?page=1 or visit his website http://www.johnblair.us/ to learn more and order a copy.

Surfapalooza 2012

Details: http://bit.ly/Lmhj4S

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Slacktone Does D.C.


(L-R) Dave Wronski--Lead Guitar
Dusty Watson--Drums
Sam Bolle--Bass Guitar

Slacktone, comprised of Dave Wronski, Dusty Watson, and Sam Bolle rolled into Grog and Tankard, Washington D.C., Sept. 21, 2006 and put on a stunning display of reverb drenched surf music!

Their CD's: "Rough Surf, Rough Mix, Live in Berlin;" "Surf Adventure Tour-Live In Prague;" "Into The Blue Sparkle;" "Warning: Reverb Instrumentals!"
are available online at this link.

For CD reviews and fan comments on Slacktone--Click Here


Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (a) 
Band performing 'Hawaii Five-O'


 Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (b)
Band performing 'Secret Agent Man' ‘Peter Gunn’ and more


Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (c)

Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (d)
Dusty Watson Drum Solo

Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (e)
Dave Wronski, Miserlou(partial)

Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (f)

Slacktone, Reverb Drenched Surf Music Comes To D.C. (g)







About Slacktone

SLACKTONE is widely recognized as one of America's best surf instrumental bands.

Their sound is a hyper-kinetic mix of melody, speed and jaw dropping technical skill.

SLACKTONE was formed in January 1995, when Dave Wronski and Dusty Watson ran into each other at a music manufacturer's convention in Anaheim, CA. Having played together during the second wave of surf music ('79 through '84), with Jon and The Nightriders, they were well aware of the current interest in instrumental music, thanks to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. They had not seen or heard from each other for nearly ten years! They exchanged numbers and promised to get together. SLACKTONE was then formed, along with bass player Mike Sullivan who was with the band until his untimely death in August 2001. Fellow bandmate and friend Sam Bolle joined the band shortly thereafter.

SLACKTONE has been featured in promotional videos and television commercials and have also played at numerous surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking events along the coast, along with European tours.

Their CD's: "Rough Surf, Rough Mix, Live in Berlin;" "Surf Adventure Tour-Live In Prague;" "Into The Blue Sparkle" "Warning: Reverb Instrumentals!" are available online.

Dave Wronski--Lead Guitar

Guitarist and songwriter Dave Wronski is a career studio musician and has been featured in Guitar Player magazine.

Dave grew up in San Bernardino, CA. His dad was a test pilot and they were next door neighbors with Jim Irwin (2nd man on the moon!) and Bob White, the famous X-15 pilot. Dave started playing guitar at age 10 with a Stella Acoustic. By 16 he was in the recording studio, and by 18 had moved to Chicago with his band opening for Styx at an outdoor festival! Back in California, Dave joined Jon and The Nightriders, recording and touring Europe. He later joined Brighten, and returned to Europe many more times with them.

Dusty Watson--Drums

Dusty grew up in Corona, CA. He started playing drums at age 6. His drum teacher introduced him to jazz greats like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and Roy Burns. The Corona Sr. High music director invited Dusty to record a live album with the band in 1966 - as a featured guest. Dusty was nine years old at the time! Out of school he went on to record and tour with many bands like Jon and the Nightriders, Dick Dale, Channel Three, Lita Ford, Concrete Blonde, Boo Yaa Tribe, Agent Orange, Supersuckers, and Sugartooth. In addition to Slacktone, he is currently playing with Agent Orange.

Sam Bolle--Bass Guitar

Sam was born and raised in Sierra Madre,Caliifornia. He started playing violin at the age of 5, switching to viola, bassoon and saxophone while attending school in the Pasadena area. He decided upon graduation that bass guitar was a much more viable instrument to express himself.After several years playing in and around L.A. in various bands of degenerates, he landed the bass playing chair in legendary punk/surf band Agent Orange. The years following have included numerous tours of Brazil, Australia, Europe, Japan, and the U.S. He currently divides his time between Dick Dale, Slacktone, and various production and studio dates.

Also, check out Surf Guitar King Dick Dale, and Los Straitjackets!

Surf Music In The 1980s: A Brief Historical Review
(see http://www.surfguitar101.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=109 for the full article)

Jon & the Nightriders released several albums and singles during the early 1980s: “Surf Beat ’80” (1980), “Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go” (1981), “Charge of the Nightriders” (1984), “Splashback” EP (1982), and “Stampede” (1986). The high-energy reverberated sounds of Jon & the Nightriders featured traditional surf arrangements and instrumentation.
The band featured future Slacktone members Dusty Watson on drums, Dave Wronski on guitar

Surf historian John Blair composed many tracks and was featured on reverberated lead guitar.

Ultimately, John Blair would write the authoritative Illustrated Discography of Surf Music 1961-1965.
Agent Orange from Fullerton CA released their “Bitchin’ Summer” EP on the Hollywood based label Poshboy Records and Tapes in 1982. The EP featured an extended version of the Chantay’s classic “Pipeline” as well as punked-up versions of Dick Dale’s “Miserlou”, and the Belair’s “Mr. Moto”. Guitarist Mike Palm’s penchant for quirky vintage gear (Vox guitars and HIWATT amplifiers) as well as a healthy dose of screaming distortion typified Agent Orange’s 1980s surf style. Agent Orange releases can be found on the multitude of Poshboy compilations that appeared during the 1980s.
History of Surf Music series (1982) 
Rhino Records of Los Angeles CA released several surf LPs during the 1980s. Rhino’s History of Surf Music series (1982) featured three surf themed LPs: Volume One - Original Instrumental Hits (1961-1963); Volume Two-The Vocals; and Volume Three- The Revival (1980-1982). Volume One offered a collection of then-hard-to-find instrumentals from such acts as The Belairs, The Chantays, The Pyramids, The Lively Ones, The Original Surfaris, The Crossfires, The Sentinals, The Challengers, The Surfaris, Tom Starr and the Galaxies, and of course, Dick Dale. Volume Three offered 1980s surf revival bands such as The Malibooz, Jon & the Nightriders, The Surf Raiders, The Wedge, The Evasions and The Surf Punks."

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Surf Books I like, including Surf Beat; Elogio Del Surf; The Best of Dick Dale; The Illsustrated Discography of Surf Music (1961-1965); Surf Pop Culture (click image to enlarge)


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